Dark Ruined

Seven Day. Muggish already. Not quite miserable in park but definitely not pleasant. And the creek bed is dry. A murrain upon denialists, especially Repulsians.

And I ran across a very depressing article [Link] yesterday entitled “More than one-third of the world’s population can no longer see the Milky Way because of man-made lights.” I am not sure which is more depressing the evil that is light pollution or the evil that is people who don;t care because they never look up.

I had known for some time that light pollution was terrible here in Greater Metropolitan Arab. I have seen the photographs of nighttime Amerika, and several years ago FD SCP gave me a little telescope so I could go outside at night and fall down look at the sky. 

That didn’t happen, mostly because of the light pollution. Even if I got out at midnight or 0200, the light pollution was terrible. So the telescope just sits and grows dust.