Unintended (??????) Consequences

Six day. Foretold to be scorching. And I have to get out. In fact, got out already to park for constitutional. Air temperature fair. Breeze marginal. No wolves. Nor any great thoughts.

I ran across an article [Link] from the Register in their weekly summary that talks about a prediction of further decreases in PC sales/shipments. And the reason for this is Winders X. Seems that between WX being pushed out so aggressively (tyrannically? Fascistic?) to current boxes and people with current boxes avoiding/evading WX like rats bearing fleas bearing plague. 

That comparison is probably more apt than it seems.

Anyway, Megahard is the cause of this increased decrease in PC movement. They have deeply disinclined people to buy new boxes. So the box sales magnates are micturated.

Maybe now they will push Linux more? That would have the advantage that they wouldn’t have to pay so much to MegaHard. And we could be assured of boxes that didn’t have to be bashed to overcome the MegaHard lock-out BIOS every time we boot.

Which is probably such a good reason that it won’t happen.