Thought Experiment

Ran across an article on Lifehacker about a “journaling app” for iPhun. This led me to the question: if I were going out and I could take either a notebook or my cellular telephone, which would I take?

Obviously, the response has to be based on some consideration of an ensemble. There are circumstances when I need to have communication capability at hand and there are circumstances when I need to take notes, and

This is the contentious part

notes cannot be taken on a cellular telephone.

Now that I have incurred the wrath of the GEN Y Bogs, I will elaborate.

I can take down short notes on a CT like phone numbers or a to-do item. But, for example, not a multi-item to-do list.

Or real notes like I take. Pages of maths interspersed with cryptic phrases. 

Add to that a stylus is a STERCUS writing instrument. (So is a ballpoint!) And a CT is too constrained a surface of hideous tactility for scribing.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

Happily I can almost always take both and decision is unnecessary.