Four Day. Very Sparse Gym. And part of a podcast episode of “Linux Luddites.” The only negative was the stand-in clerk who is still inflicting her pornography television on the membership. But I had good podcast to divert.

Speaking of diversion, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “10 Things You Should Know About Work by the Time You’re 30” the other day and in my inimitable way, I had to comment. I should start by saying that I knew some of these already but probably didn;t learn them by the time I was thirty mostly because of graduate schule. I comment further in the usual way.

How to talk to people much more senior than you. This one is actually easy. You talk to them like you would to out-of-group people. Communication is two-way so if they don;t understand something, they have the obligation to tell you. So don’t go overboard. And keep your cool. And if they’re insufferably arrogant, stop talking. Walking away is good but often impossible.


How to respond to critical feedback. Two ways to handle this. Quit your job right there and then. If that isn’t possible then change your ways.

How to negotiate salary when you get a job offer. Ha ha! Not even minimally possible when you work for a government, especially the Yankee government. They’ll tell you the grade and you decide to live with or walk.

How to figure out the market rate for your work. Also a ha ha! Ain’t no market rate for YG service. It’s what OPM dictates.

How to run a meeting. Huh? This is a trivial. Read a couple of articles and you’ve got it. What is hard is attending meetings. The thing you need to learn is which meetings to attend (or rather, not attend.) and how to behave in those meetings. As my first boss told be”Never bother with a meeting where you aren’t given more responsibility or money.” When I got to be supervisor I learned there were also meetings that were socially obligatory.

How to have a difficult conversation. How to stand up for yourself politely and professionally. What you’re good at and what you’re not so good at. This depends on your temperament. If you’re an introvert, don;t bother to try. You’ll never learn. What’s important here is the last bit. Learn what you can’t do. That is, the things you always fail spectacularly at. And be frank about telling your boss up front when you are assigned one of those things. (See below on vertical copulation.)

What to do when you make a mistake. Own up to it. This one is simple. If it’s a real doozie blame is going to come down the chain and you want to make sure you own it if it’s yours. Partly so that when it isn’t you can be indignant convincingly, but mostly so your boss doesn’t want to hang you with your intestines. Besides, if you own up to vertical copulation you get at least as many mana points as if you did wonderful. (Except from bosses that you don;t want to keep working for.)

Your reputation matters. Agreed. But you need to figure out what kind of reputation you want and how to get to it. The best reputation to have is one of doing super on hard tasks and poorly on easy or dull ones. That way you get to be n’kosi instead of rat catcher.

The textbook answers are on the WS.