Pronounced Opposite

Two Day. Lower air temperature than yesterday when I ventured out to gym but the weather beavers foretell highr maximum today. Glad of the respite; weary of summer already. Except for not having to fear ruptured plumbing.

Gym was sparse. No educationalists. Schule is definitely desessioned. Podcasts were mediocre. High point was Guardian podcast on some of the strange (?) ways we humans view money. And use it. 

Thereafter downhill.

Different clerk this week who can’t seem to do what needs be done. Or is a bit of a sadist? Hard to tell. Especially in that business. her sole grace seems to be arriving earlier than the permanent one and thus I can get home earlier. Which is of mixed value to FD SCP. 

Not much cognition this morning. Too much distraction. Pornography – food this morning and cosmetics – on the televisions. Glad I hadn’t eaten. Nauseating enough on a relatively void stomach. One segment was some sort of shoping/cooking race. Ostensibly as a simulation of home entertainment. Do people do that any more? It was rare when I was a child and rarer now. I haven’t done it in thirty or forty years. No desire on the part of either myself or my friends. Why would anyone put themselves to such a burden, for so little? Is it an EXTRO thing. Or a Bog thing? Or both. Demented, regardless.

Of course, I suspect it’s more about the fantasy television people call reality. Sort of like if you have to tell me its a science, it isn’t. So if you have to tell me it’s reality, it isn’t? Especially if on television?

That strikes me as a model of modern society. It is the opposite of what pronouncement figures tell me it is. I shall have to conduct observation and make analysis.