Constructive Survival

Sixth Day. Rained in the night. Moderately better this morning than yesterday. More conducive to cogitation. 

I forget what kicked it off but I ended up mostly thinking about constructive contribution to the continuance of the species. Occurred to me that almost all of humanity doesn’t. Or hasn’t, at least. Can’t remember any of my relatives who I can honestly adjudge to have done so. Few friends and colleagues. Of course those who help those who contribute are also contributing in a weaker sense.

I feel guilty to have not done more. Which raises the question of how do those who have contributed nothing, especially by participating in negative organizations, stand themselves. Evidently part of being human is not caring about humanity.

One aspect of this is whether religionist organizations are constructive? I am not sure. In fact, I lean to the view that most are not. Especially the ones who are only worried about their organization exclusively. Which gets almost all in the old Confederacy.

Anyway, on the semi-positive (unsure) side I came up with

“Social Reality is made up of two sets of components: the basic, unchanging bits that we seem to understand pretty well; and the evolving, emergent bits that we seem incapable of understanding.”

And then I dropped it because it wasn’t obvious that considering this was itself constructive.

If I can stay away. Unsolved problems are addictive.