The Evil that is Man

One day. Also Memorial Day. Yankee Memorial Day but that doesn’t really matter. Some taxonomies are farcical. Anyway, this should be a day for remembering and considering those who died in battle. The purists might go so far as to say only those who died in Yankee service, excluding those who fought for the old Confederacy or even those who fought in the French and Indian War. I am more eclectic. I include them all. And sorrow for them. And wonder how many died to keep some politician? Too many, I am sure. That makes the loss doubly nasty.

I am also distressed at just how nasty we are as a species. I sorrow for that silver back who was killed for no good reason over the weekend.[Link] How did we get so arrogant that an endangered primate was fluff for a child who, three-sigma confidence, will never do anything substantive? That’s cold but it fits the terror and evil of the zoo swat. And probably our species as a whole.

Maybe it’s time for us to go away? Before we ruin any more of reality? 

If we’re this stupid and venial and selfish and uncaring then what right do we have to exist? Are we all politicians?