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Mumble. Storing copies of selected articles from the week. Have to do this locally now that Ubernote has just become a half-derriere taxi service.

Noted a slightly distressing – minor hemorrhoid pain – article [Link] entitled “13 incredible science facts you probably didn’t learn at high school.” Must be one of those outreach-to-Bog articles that Chad was talking about. I actually learned a couple of these in high schule. Not, I should admit as part of the curriculum. But I was in high schule when I read a book/article that contained the information. 

So while this was a failed sample I suspect such is the norm for not-Bogs. They read. And learn. And do other things Bogs don’t. Or can’t?

And this one [Link] explains rather a lot about religionist conspiracy theories. But it is nice to think of works as fiction as being equally predictive as the bible. Wait? What? Fiction? Bible?

Aren’t Week Out fun?