Flatulence Infrastructure

Six Day. And once more to the park for constitutional. Into muggy this morning. Air not pleasant at all. Nor any cooling. But I did codify one thing:

Those at the edges of an organization are the least survivable.

I’ll let you figure out the context for survival for yourself.

French wonks have determined, with some degree of confidence, that Neandertals built a “structure” 176 KYA. [Link] This leads us to the thought chain that comes down to Neandertals were smarter than Sapiens but Sapiens was so irritating the Neandertals just crawled into caves and died to get away?

Support for this is inferrable from a recent French law that forbids corporate “work” emails outside of working hours. [Link]

As with most laws, the fun part is thinking about how they will be disobeyed and what unintended consequences they will have. I suspect this will be like speed laws – ignored except when constables are present. 

Of course, the model may well evolve into that of the apparent Democrud POTUS candidate who never uses office email anyway. Not, it appears, care very much for the security of the Yankee republic.

On which azimuth, we note an article [Link] entitled “Why Smelly Farts Are Healthy Signs And Can Benefit People Around Us.” Somehow this seems not only appropriate but definitive. Flatulence equals Fiberfrication?

And Flatulence is definitely a model of human life. And perhaps from the Neandertal, if not our own, perspective, presence.

Odious Saturn’s Day!