Basic Human Nature

Five day. Into a long week out. Coming One Day is a holiday for the remembrance of those who died in combat. Except maybe for those who died fighting for the “wrong” side. Like Confederates and Tories and Union members. And even anarchists?

Anyway, clear and moderate (?) air temperatures, so off to the park for constitutional. Not quite miserable but far from refreshing. I left the MP3 player at home so I could cast my mind afield. Started out considering why humans are so insecure. Almost all of our behavior is motivated by insecurity. Clearly insecurity has a biological sorvival value but does it have a social/cultural survival value? Waiting is.

Eventually, as the fatigue poisons built, I succumbed to being bitter and nasty (and insecure) about advertisements. Two in particular have been noxious.

First, the “go-to” commercial. I admit I had to look up “go-to” in an on-line dictionary. My OED is several decades old and my lesser dictionaries are not much newer. I found out that the catch phrase “go-to” is all about laziness and insecurity. Horribly EXTRO since it is all about not thinking. Maybe not feeling? That part is unclear. But what is clear is that the commercial is an appeal to be stupid. So it’s EXTRO too.

But what is intriguing is how deeply the inaccuracy (lie!) is buried. Took me a while to figure it our. A bit devious. But still there.

The other is the commercial for “REALTOR” where TOR is in a different hue. I don;t know where the inaccuracy is in these commercials because I can’t get into them. to me REAL TOR means “actual The Onion Router” and I refuse to budge – mentally – off that so the attempts of the commercial to purvey property and land are orthogonal to my consciousness.

So patently, the commercial is aimed at Bogs who have no idea what The Onion Router is and are too acognitive to not be taken in by the stercus. Whatever that stercus is. 

But what is refreshing about this commercial is that it is orthogonal. A commercial so poorly posed as to be less than gibberish. Mist, at best, and little of that. Nothing substantial. So the ultimate in insecurity? Probably, but not by design, only by accident and stupidity and arrogance. All the hallmarks of insecurity.

I won;t even get into the two POTUS candidates remaining. That’s too obvious.