Bad, Darkness is?

One day. Back to gym. Is schule desessioned? I used to be able to tell from the density of educationalists (noise level,) but now the gym is so sparse that it is unclear.

The podcast was a strange one, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” with some female academic commenting on “dark women” in Shakespeare’s plays. The clear message was her dissatisfaction with the current schule interpretation but what that interpretation is and exactly how it is in error was unclear and uncommunicated. [Link

The uncommunication was two-fold. First, the academic was a poor speaker. Her speech was choppy and too littered with “er”s and “uh”s and the like. On the positive side, I never heard her say “you know” and thereby deem her exceptional and worthy of the discipline to try and hear what she has to say. 

The second was technical. For some reason, either in the recording or in the downloading, the podcast became disjoint and distemporal. IOW. it was horribly chopped.

So I never quite got what message she was trying to convey.

I also have to admit that I have not studied Shakespeare deeply. I read the plays in high schule and undergraduate schule, mostly as assignments in “English” courses. And I never managed to come up with the schule solution. For example, I always considered Lady McBeth positively. Yes, I was told she was evil and scheming and manipulative – what human isn’t? – but I also saw her as true to being a supportive wife who was finally driven bonkers by her husband’s incompetence. 

Similarly, I also saw Hamlet’s mother as positive, a woman who had not been able to raise a sane son but still doted on him. And who of us who have raised children does not doubt their sanity. Even as they doubt ours. And we all wish the other gone, at least, or dead.

And the daughters of Lear? Well, I never did figure out that play other than as an attack on absolutely kingship. 

So I was probably oblivious to the academic’s message from the get-go. 

I fear that being NERD STEM, I am too removed from that environment. My wont is to understand physical reality and part of that is that humans are embedded in it and Shakespeare knew that. But I do regret not getting more from the talk.