Grits sans Anything Helpful

Seventh Day. Low air temperature than yesterday morn. So I donned a slightly heavier jacket as I departed for constitutional in the park. The air was refreshing. And I finished the podcast episode , which sadly was a review of the new LTS release of the Ubuntu clan as “grits”, at least in southron wordage.

What was unsaid in the review was the true (?) weakness/flaw of the ubuntu clan, which is its long term fragility. The LTS may be five year releases but they seldom last two without catastrophic failure requiring reinstall or replacement.

Also, I had already looked at the new version of Kubuntu and the live execution left me thinking “grits” as well. So I passed and am still looking for something – KDE NEON? – to replace my 14,04 AIO install. Which basically turned to broken toy six months ago and I am not depending on LMDE – another grits distro – on that box.

But I did reflect on the “full” moon this morning, which was a great help given that my key chain flashlamp seems to be failing as well. Scant wonder, I have been using it for ten years or so. Marvelous piece of manufacturing, a product of the Gerber people who used to produce rather good stuff but have lapsed in recent years into mediocrity and irrelevance. Evidently the market is selling “sabers” to wannabe Stuarts instead of multi-tools to actual Mittys.

Last evening FD SCP and I tried to engage in our evening social ritual of joint viewing of the local news on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver. This is complicated during week out because the local “news” program is delayed by programming of great Bog interest – like spectator sports pornography – but irrelevant to us. So if our wonted channel is deferred we try others and such was the case last evening.

Anyway, that channel/station’s weather beaver of the ‘cast talked about the “blue moon” and said it was a “rare” occurrence. That struck me as inaccurate. So I considered the matter.

First, a “blue moon” is, according to Wikipedia,

an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year: either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the common calendar.

and a Lunar month is ~ 29.5 days. So 365.25/29.5 =~12.4 which indicates that we will have a thirteen full moon expressions in a year no less frequently than every three years.

Is once every three years a rarity? 

Rarity: That which is rare; an uncommon thing; a thing valued for its scarcity.      [1913 Webster]

Clearly the “blue” moon was valued by the weather beaver since it gave her something to say during an otherwise grits presentation, but is it uncommon? Is once every three years uncommon? Or if we count days? 

I am of the mind that this rarity is a Bog thing that, like most Bog drivel, does not stand up to observation.

It’s just another full moon. Enjoy – or not – it for what it is.