Marketplace Evils

Four day. Last of gym. Sparse and the podcast, an episode of “Linux Luddites” was passable if not sparkling. The most engaging part was a discussion of the apparent heat death of the computer marketplace. Evidently sales of all computer devices – desk and lap boxes, slablets, phones, … – are stagnant. 

What was not discussed is whether this is one more incidence of a logistic curve situation being confused with its early, positive exponential behavior? 

This is not new. It has happened many times that I have observed. Motorcars, houses, clothes, foodstuffs. What is uncertain is what form the attempts to keep the marketplace percolating will take. 

Which leads me to an article [Link] I ran across yesterday when I was in Huntsville and purchased a newspaper to obtain my weekly supply of crossword puzzles. A minor thing, those puzzles, but they make what is depressingly labeled as national network news programming less painful when I share time with FD SCP.

The title of this article is “Abortions down in Alabama: Tough laws close clinics, cut numbers” and it purports to report on how abortions are decreased in density in Alibam.

What it actually is, is an exaltation of domestic and governmental/religious terrorism. One of the primary reasons that abortions are down in Alibam is because the politico/religious bigoted office holders have done everything to prevent abortions short of standing up pregnant women in front of firing parties.

And I suspect they would like to but vaguely realize that would lose them their successes.

What is not said is that for many years it is much easier for pregnant women to go elsewhere for abortions and they do so. But not measuring such permits the office holders to ignore how evil and failing they are.

Sadly this reduces to another instance of the economic discrimination that has always been characteristic of the old Confederacy and is still rampant in Alibam today.

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not themselves.”

Sadly a lot of political/religious terrorists are empowered in Alibam and there is no indication they will be deprived of their freedom to hurt and harm.