Gray Aftermath

One day. Back to gym. Excellent podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, the fifth in their series on the War of 1812, this one dealing with the “Battle” of New Orleans (actually arguably a campaign but that’s rather historical anathema since the concept of campaign was undeveloped in 1815.) Excellent for a popularization presentation. Almost worthy of the Yankee war college.

Beyond that not much to extol. Air temperature a bit low and I am feeling chilled. And not in a mood to go off on sensation “thermodynamic” vocabulary. Too many errands looming and too little good feeling.

Had to motor to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill yesterday afternoon. Had to attend a visitation. Singularly a negative experience. The motoring was acceptable, at least to the Tennessee River and noxious until I crossed it again returning. And the staff at the death parlor were evidently determined to make everyone as miserable as possible. Certainly demonstrates the evil of monopoly. I am minded not to ever go there again regardless of the social consequences. My head still hurts with the memory.

I hope to have some words of insight to share later but for now I am only sore in mind and body and ache annoyingly. But I do wonder if the Egyptian servants of the dead were so nasty and obnoxious as there?