Destruction of Trust

The cancer cookers are gone! Except for one monster tow-trailer. But the stench of death causing food is gone. And the park is free of cats, probably due to all the hordes yesterday shortening their lives and trampling about. 

The air temperature is lower and hence I had to bundle up but otherwise the walk was not bad at all. And relatively free of stress.

The podcast was an episode of “Bad Voltage”,[Link] the second I have taken and I think the last. The commentary is excellent but the presentation of toys is awful and nauseating. So the search continues. 

Speaking of which, I have been using “The Conversation” [Link] for news the last few and have found it moderately useful. This morning however, I ran across a glaring difficulty. The article I was reading had this picture attached:

Notice that the Nerd is writing on the clear board with a FOUNTAIN PEN! Gross inaccuracy. 

This completely compromises the integrity and trustworthiness of the source. 

So into another day among the bogs and the greeds.