Arabian Death Making

Warmer this morning than the weather beavers foretold. So less coat. So I assayed my way to the park for constitutional.

There to observe that the Greater Metropolitan Arab conscript parents’ plot to kill the citizenry was in full array. The car park of the park was piled with Detroit Debris of pickup trucks – none, happily!, being under power or moving – and a refugee assortment of trailers and other towed boxes. With a few tents and a rather disturbingly large number of people working slackly at producing carcinogenic concoctions. The place stank with their death production.

Happily I was able to park my motorcar in a wee corner and make my way through the junk yard to the path and wend my way on a slightly extended version of my usual excursion. And then retrace my way through the various hoses, wires, chains, bodies, and human waste products to my motorcar and return to Castellum SCP

Hopefully these Roineck Bubblers of Death will be departed on the morrow. I have no illusion that the local governance will have any epiphany of their evil and stupidity. They are, after all, on a small level, politicians and afflicted with the same Zika-like effects that one would expect of such.

I have to admit to being ignorant of how many fools this contest gathers in, either as participants or spectators. Certainly more of the former this year than last. One may only hope it is so morbidly successful that it has to be moved to more spacious grounds in future and does not continue to intrude on my health maintaining activities.

I have no illusions that the participants will suffer any attacks of rationality and abandon their cancer producing ways. But perhaps they can be more vigorous before they reproduce and cleanse the gene pool?