Arabian Oppression

Five Day. Air temperature fair. But the park is cluttered with aluminium motorhouses and overall the atmosphere is one of oppression and evil. I believe it’s some sort of pro-global warming demonstration that is so popular in Alibam – along with demonstrations against the federal government.

Rather makes one nostalgic for Reconstruction when there was a federal presence to assure honest governance. At least compared to what we get here in Alibam.

Not that much of the rest of the country seems much better. Very much third world and everyone out for themselves with no thought for damage to others. Very Hobbesian.

I had wanted to say some positive things this morning but courtesy of the city tyranny I am unable to. Such horrible oppression and discrimination. To say nothing of the bullying of those who are not stalwart storm troopers of the regime.

I am also trying the WordPress desktop client again and so far I am not impressed. Amazing how hard they try and how spectacularly they fail. This rather reminds me of the first alpha of Scr9ibeFire. The one that failed often and had to be held together hourly.

I hope the day improves.