Mind Hammer

Thor’s day. Last day of gym for the week. Listened to the first part of an episode of Linux Luddites. Fair. 

But there were some thought provoking moments, which is why I listen. That’s the primary value of human interaction: engendering ideas. And gratuitous reproductive activity while young. Which I am not. ORF.

Anyway, their comment on the spelling daemon in Linux was the first bit. The speakers thought it odd. I did not, and even communicated such to my colleague Magnetic Inductance Force. I had to wonder whether the comment indicated their education or their set of mind. I will accept the latter since it is a good day to be charitable.

The spelling becomes evident if one considers Sokrates and Jaynes and the bicameral mind. After all, one metaphor for an OS, particular Linux, is that it is a multicameral mind.

I shan’t even go into their blather about browsers. Such are more about the depravity of humanity than any metric of utility.

Selah. String to Push.