Two Day. Back to gym. Thankfully. Don’t like skulking about hospitals. Too dangerous.

But the main podcast, an episode of the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast, was a bummer. All about the psychology of whackedness in Billy RattleLance. Not that I don;t like Billy, despite his language problems. But psychological monologues about theatrical monologues do not rank high on my must-hear list.

About all I took from this was an increased appreciation of how bogus most religion is. 

And while we’re on the subject of how broken humans are, I ran across an article [Link] where some French boffins (?) took fMRI (nasty stuff, mucking about with multi-Tesla fields) of maths and non-maths professors. (I suspect liberal arts types for the latter.) Simply put, the calculate and the acalculate.

And they found that when both were presented with text their brains activated in about the same places but when given maths the calculate’s brains lit up and the acalculate’s didn’t.

Simply put, those who can;t do maths are mentally deprived. Handicapped. Crippled. Broken. Not-human.

OK, that last is a bit too far. After all, something like 0.9 of homo sapiens can;t do maths. Or is that fraction too high. Anyway, maybe still human. Sort of like homo naledi. Capable of burying their dead and doing superstition but not rational stuff.

Like maths. 

Or perhaps we should just call them homo bogensis?

Enough. Gotta go do some maths. Make me feel better.

Speaking of feeling better, the chief justicer/bigot of the Alibam justicers started his time-out yesterday. Now if the rational (are there any?) justicers will fire his derriere again. Then we’ll have a sign that there is still hope for Alibam. 

Or not.