Modern Totalitarianics

Horrendous morning. Had to skip gym. FD SCP had to have some medical testing that involved deconsciousnessing chemicals and hence the presence of a “responsible adult.” Yes, laughter and contortions on the floor are called for. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to sample Scant City Memorial’s cafeteria fare and come away once more convinced that the primary reason that people either die or recover in hospital is the food. Getting away from it, that is. 

And be bullied by the medicalist personnel. Some of whom, clearly selected their career for domination highs. It was all I could do not to laugh in their faces at the absurdity of their anal-retentive obedience demands. Instead I just ignored them without direct confrontation. In today’s Fascist environment in the Yankee republic there is no telling what constabulary or legal oppression may ensue.

On which azimuth, I noted a bemusing article [Link] about how an acalculate bog on an airplane flight created havoc over a GEEK on the flight doing maths. The passengers and the airline took an expensive time hit but the bog was truncheoned for being stupid and histrionically insecure, at least verbally. 

The bemusing is that the Geek in question was an economist and if the maths had been observed by a NERD we might surely have known that the Geek was indeed a maths terrorist.

We may only hope that the bog was sufficiently intimidated and chastised by their absence of judgment as to refrain from reproduction.