Sixth day. More weather beaver wrongings. They foretold this morning to have a higher air temperature than yesterday and I can tell you by personal experience and measurement that they were WRONG!

Otherwise it was a nice constitutional. With lots of good thinkings.

And then I came home to some wonderful horribleness on the web.

First, this article [Link] entitled “How to survive doomsday: Humans must upload their minds to machines or try to move Earth’s orbit, warn scientists” Rather alarming, right? And then you see the first subtitle:

Scientists say humans will not be able to live on Earth in 500 million years

Does anyone seriously think humans will still be around in a hundred years, much less 5E8 years? The way things are going? Cummon, get real.

And the second [Link] entitled “Check Out the Seriously Gnarly Creatures at the Bottom of the Mariana Trench”. What’s important is this picture

Flying (?) Spaghetti Monster? (Floating Spaghetti Monster?)

Anyway, seems fitting and indicative of modern journalistic practice. And competence?

Gonna be a great day?