Holes and Wholes

Tough week. Joys of Seniorness. Makes one understand the attraction of soma. 

Low air temperature this morning. Barely above the minimum. Off to park. Not a really vigorous constitutional. Sore and stiff. Marvels of modern medical chemistry. New podcast. So far, about 16 minutes, all a lovely rant about the perfidy and dishonesty of corporations. Just my sort of thing. A bit of profanity but not egregious. We’ll see how it develops.

On the subject of aching and sore, I recently ran across an article [Link] in the student newspaper of the campus of the Boneyard entitled “Academic Senate approves general education requirement for U.S. Minority courses.” Yep, a required course for all undergrads on minorities. 

I’m not against such in principle, especially down here in the old Confederacy where the general attitude is that slavery will return any minute and the minorities will be back to being properly behaved. But I do have strong objection to the continued propagation of the anti-science dogma of “race”. This has been bankrupted almost as often as the “pro-life” movement as bunk and filth. Mental filth, that is. So given the way these courses are done, I have no doubts that all the inaccuracies and evil will be incorporated in the course as matters of goodness and light.

I also expect that the engineering and science students will likely view this as yet another noxious ticket-punch to be obtained. Not that I don’t think the learning would hurt them if done properly. But I have scant doubts that it will not be proper and that it will only disengage the nerds and geeks, who are themselves the most critical and consistently ignored minority.

And what about women? Are they a minority? And how is that supported given that over half the population of the nation is female by birth if not choice? And what about introverts? Another ignored minority. Because this blatantly is an EXTRO course.

So pray tell me how the evil is being reduced here?

While we’re on the soapbox of self-service, I noted another article [Link] entitled “There’s a surprisingly awesome reason for the holes on the top of pen caps.” This article is about BIC Sticks, those el cheapo pens that are basically a plastic barrel around an ink cartridge with a cheaper cap to keep from wasting ink on your clothes – since very little of it gets into the notebook. 

Alright, I have to admit I used these as a freshman. Mostly because I was told to by that kind (?) upperclassman who told me about note taking. He considered the BS to be a paragon of reliability. And it is. Sorta. Not. It stutters but that’s because it’s a ballpoint. And gels and roller balls hadn’t been invented in those days. SO the choices were pencil (not very permanent,) ballpoint (not dependable,) drafting pens (also not very dependable,) and fountain pens (expensive and harder to use.)

I admit I used pencil, not for note taking, but for homework problems and tests. Except the EXTRO BOG course tests that required ink. And I eventually got around to adopting the fountain pen. It’s the best of the four. Then and probably now. But people don;t know how to take notes these days. Because they are stupid, their parents are stupid and ineffectual, and their public school teachers are largely incompetent and self-serving. (Gee, does that mean public education is a corporation?)

But the BS sorta works. It works better with Type 2 than Type 1 courses. Because there is a lot more of picking up and putting down the point. Which minimizes the stuttering.

That’s not what the article is about. It’s about how the big hole in the BS cap prevents choking when the cap is swallowed. (It also lets some ink get through which is a compromise of the cap’s function but heck, this is a marketing thing, not a safety or functionality thing.) Now we have to ask what kind of folks swallow pen caps. The only ones I have known have been slime mold level EXTRO BOGs. The kind of people that you know upon meeting that their parents are religionist fanatics who should have used Planed Parenthood but instead passed on their slime mold genes to posterity. In my day the dregs of the jocks and Greeks. The ones who have to be told when to shower and shave.

I’m not sure about these days but given the greater fraction of the population who attend college – one result of the commercialization of “education” – I suspect there are a lot more of these folks, fractionally, than in my day and hence the bigger hole in the cap of the BS is desirable to the college administration in reducing the number of caskets shipped home to parents.

It also begs the question of how hard do they have to train these students to be able to use a BS? Do they have to take a special freshman class in it? Are there PowerPoint slides? Do they get graduation credit?

The World Wonders.

Puts that minority course in a new light, doesn’t it?