Wages of Insecurity

One day and back to gym. Which was full of hulking maintenance types sporting tool belts, butt cracks of varying redness, brogans, and gimme caps. I spent a few minutes examining the possible mechanisms of the tool belts exposing the anal regions but this was inconclusive.I have to admit that I have never understood the logic of blue collar staffing, from my viewpoint two would have done as well as four. But then there wouldn’t have been a supervisor?

The podcast was about the rise of intolerance in post-Muslim Spain. It was mediocre in presentation, mostly because of gush-gush emotionalism. I suppose that generates listeners, especially in a nation where cabin fever is a chronic problem and emothional gatharsis is beneficial in ameliorating same.

What was not discussed was how the root of the whole thing was insecurity. As one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, puts it, “most of the evil among humanity is due to insecurity.” He doesn’t add that organized religion and politics are big suppliers of that insecurity. But I did.

Speaking of which, I ran across this article [Link] that is all about MegaHard’s insecurity and the evil that causes. The matter is summed up in this photo:

that shows a weather beaver’s forecast presentation being overwhelmed by MegaHard pushing out an update. Some would find this funny. Not the people at the television station, nor their followers who value weather intelligence, however sad and inadequate it is. 

I have to admit that when I was a Winders user I didn’t think much about the MegaHard update intrusion. Yes, I griped about it like everyone else, and I lost work sometimes when a reboot was forced on me on MegaHard’s timing And I always sniffed out the command line incantations that derailed their autocracy, often to the despair of insecure IT types. I sometimes think that’s why I got one of my job assignments. If so, it didn’t work. I still believe an ignorant user is a dangerous user. In fact, all users are dangerous but the computate ones are less so.

But once I shifted to Linux and found out that updates could be civil (if still occasionally box breakers) and not force that download/install/reboot, I realized the magnitude of MegaHard’s insecurity. And like most insecurity it is irrational but deeply – and improperly – reasoned.

Which is what evil is all about.

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