Trust Tails

Ice Cream Day. Good walk in park. A little lower air temperature than I like but still invigorating without shaking. 

Two thoughts today. One is that we are collapsing under an absence of trust. The organization – corporations, government, … – are failing because of an absence of trust. Simply put, the membership can no longer trust the organizations – or its inner circle – to do what they think it should. Politicians are the epitome of the problem. They have gone from being trustable to do the right thing and resign after the first failure to never resign because this is a career instead of a service.

That’s why Senator Sanders and the Fascist Harump are doing so well. Not that it is clear that either will make things better for anyone. But sometimes we have to experiment to find way forward. Because going backwards always fails. Which is why so many political wannabes advocate that.

The second is an article [Link] about some research at De La Salle U that indicates that psychopaths are the creative force of society. So we have to embrace these crazies (and restrain them) to get progress and avoid drowning in our own stercus.

Not really surprising but only mildly fulfilling.

And I am not sure I can trust the results.