People are our greatest asset

Once more into the park. But with a bit of kerfuffle getting in. Some Arabian driver who understands naught about right-of-way.

This is not surprising. Greater Metropolitan Arab – Marshal county – Nawth Alibam – are typical in that their citizenry is predominantly christianist, ignorant, greedy, and self-serving. And they glory in all of this.

Of course, aside from the irritation, which is generally ignorable with a bit of topical steroid, it does make for a mentally unchallenging environment and hence one is able to think on what one wants rather than what these consumerist nazis impose. 

Which reminds me that I saw an article yesterday about how it has been found that slime molds can learn. 

Gee, if those researchers had come to Greater Metropolitan Arab they could have found out if the modal citizen can learn. 

I have my doubts. At least beyond the TV schedule and what is served at chain fast food dispensaries. (I cannot bring myself to call them restaurants.) 

Other than that a mild walk and home again to download podcasts.

Which is another thing alien to the minds (?) of the citizenry hereabouts.

Why these folks use Winders. And don’t know why or that they do. It’s a synonym for computer to them. Not that they know computer either.

Gives a new meaning to peasant and serf.