Video Rejection

Five Day. Air temperature almost 60 degF. Still air. Only a hint of bite. So quite a good constitutional in the park. Listening to a podcast of “The Linux Action Show” [Link] that is supposed to be about KDE Neon. Of course the ‘cast is too long for even the three days unless I really extend my listening into apres-walking time.

Why KDE Neon? Well, the 16.04 release of Kubuntu came out this week and I had been waiting on that because the 14.04 All-In-One on the lead partition of my Precision box basically went blotto a year ago. At which time I installed LMDE-MATE on the aft partition and stumbled with that for a couple of months until I hit on the idea of installing KDE Desktop on it which made it bearable but not enjoyable.

I like the rolling release and tried to explain to the Linux Luddite chaps that the golden mean is unappealing. That is, I either want to fiddle with the distro state once a week for a few moments or all day once every other year, but not most of a day twice a year. Why can they not grok this? 

Anyway, I booted Kubuntu 16.04 live and was thoroughly bored with it in five minutes. SO I debooted, yanked the USB stick, and returned to LMDE. Much as I hate to admit it, one of the reasons I run KDE is the adventure and there was no adventure presented in K 16.04. So since KDE NEON is supposed to be an experimental distro for KDE I set sights on evaluating it.

But before I could get to that part of the podcast, the antagonists/talking guys went off on some video editor and I got sucked off into a consideration of why I am NOT a video person.

Now to admit in today’s environment that one is not a video person is tantamount to admitting to being an anarchist or some other weirdo.That’s not a big deal for me. After all, I am a PHYSICIST and since we are like 1E-4 of the population of the Yankee Republic in number fraction, that’s a given. Why? is another matter. Perhaps it has to do with Asimov’s statement about in Amerika one man’s ignorance trumps another man’s knowledge. Yes, this third world country definitely believes in Freedom of Ignorance. 

Anyway, enough about social cancer. The reason I am not a video person is attention rate. That is, how fast do I attend to information? I should perhaps say that I am definitely a book person and it is a good media for me. I will read ten pages lickety split and then spend an hour on one paragraph. Or I may spend a week trying to read chapter one and then send the book to the library salvage store or the used bookstore via FD SCP. 

You can’t do that with video. It determines the attention rate. Or I should say, the attention rate is built in. So if I try to watch a video I either get bored or I wander off into a cognitive fugue. In either case, no more watching the video. This is especially the case with TED videos. Lots of my colleagues think TEED videos are G&W and recommend to me and I end up deleting the file after thirty seconds. Too much E, not enough T! IOW, TED videos as a class are BORING! To me, that is. 

Anyway, I know I can pause the video but that only works if I am wandering off in cognition. If I’m bored pausing turns into deletion and finding something else to attend. Not a video. Generally.

No wonder the GEN Y are so alien. They have disciplined themselves to this fascist tyranny. I weep for them.