Word Wrangling

Wowsers. Nasty day yesterday. Had to go off and run a slew of errands complicated by them being timed for one reason or another and thus in the annoying situation of run errand, return to Castellum SCP, wait a while, iterate.

But this morning has a pleasing air temperature and I had a good walk in park. Only a mild rain was downing.

On which note I have some attention this morning for words. Why do some words pop up and other wither away? I find myself going to the OED often to see what words really mean. For example, this winter I got off on the deanthropozation of the word “cold”. In particular, I found the statement “it’s cold out there” to be grating and hurtful. The reason is simple: cold is a sensation, not a physical measurable. It may be observable, but it cannot be meaningfully related – even as a correlate – to real thermodynamic measurables. The OED informed me that the proper word was “colding” which means causing cold. That is a reasonable word. It makes the sample construction sensible. And so I went around gently suggesting to people that they mend their ways.

And as is normal when you tell people they are aberrant and depraved, they try to put you over a roasting fire.

So I just tell them they are schmucklet and run away.

Anyway, the word for today is “insertive”. And yes, it is in the OED. And yes, I did bend the meaning a bit to use it as a active thing instead of a passive. But it tends to fit better that way with self-gratifying altruism plus a touch of busy-body.

Kuke when you send a vaguely relevant article, which may advance one of your outlooks, to a friend you only see occasionally.

Not to be confused with an intervention which is full out busy-body with a theoretical but almost always missing component of altruism.

We’ll take up downing some other time.