Of What?

I have been observing the grrr brrr over the discorporation of this fellow “Prince”. No one seems to find it necessary to explain what makes this fellow a prince. Is he the deposed heir of some third world feudalism? Or what?

I gather he was a musician. I fear I recall none of his music. I cannot say I never heard any but I can say I do not remember being aware of hearing any. 

That is not an indictment. I do not listen to many musicians. Kingston Trio. Cumberland Three. Jennie Redpath. a few others. SO would not amaze me that someone might have crept by.

But I was not assailed by those people’s music. I had freedom of choice. And freedom from intrusion.

Why have I lost that freedom since this musician I haven’t listened to discorporated? That, I fear, is an indictment. Not sure of whom, probably an irresponsible and incompetent journalistic media who likely suffers some guilt feelings of some sort. Or scents money to be made preying on the fellow’s followers.

And irritating me. 

Now perhaps it can blow in the wind?