Accidental (???) Juxtaposition

Third constitutional of the week out. Almost enjoyable. Still a bit colding but in its way better than the muggishness that will shortly set in like a too-long house guest. 

Have to motor to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill this afternoon. Family drill. Worm Grope. 

But I ran across this cartoon:[Link]

and it evoked some cogitation.

This happens to me not infrequently. More than I like to admit, usually. Klutz is one of my states. I tend to excuse myself that it is the result of excessively tight packing of the store by its proprietors. So they are enablers of the event.

But I also think of myself as a wave function propagating forward in time and the accident as a wave function propagating backwards in time from the far future and when we temporally intersect, BOOM! Accident collapses. This is, of course, the interaction picture that explains so much. I’m just not sure what the state of its testability is right now.

It seems appropriate the discuss this on an ice cream day because it has such intriguing aspects of deistic determinism to it. Not that I think the modal (or amodal) Southron Baptist can even begin to discuss this. More likely they will mentally label it blasphemy, pull out their sundae go-to-services firearm, and blast away at those they consider unrighteous. 

I keep waiting for a sermon to dissolve into Hobbesian conflict.