Shining Gridlock

Yesterday was a bit different. Off-modal, if you will. Had to motor into Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill for my annual inspection by the pump jockey aka Cardiologist. That wasn’t the bad part. Other than the interminable waits due to incompetent scheduling and organizational arrogance. Of which, hospitals seem to have an infinite store.

No, the difficulty was that the only shining was from chrome on motorcars. LOTS of motorcars. Took me about twenty minutes to get from Castellum SCP to the Tennessee river. Took me an hour and a quarter to get from the Tennessee river to the parking lot at Huntsville Hospital’s Heart Center. Novel. Unusual. At least to me. Didn’t know Huntsville had gridlock. Apparently due to the dire machinations of the city’s conscript parents and their efforts to destroy the city’s functioning in the name of fixing one bit of roadway.

Rather makes one muse on how vulnerable Huntsville is to a terrorist attack. Bringing down the Martin road overpass over US 231 would have the same effect as bringing down the bridge over the Tennessee. Take Huntsville back to the mid-nineteenth century.

Anyway, I made it to the Heart center in time for my appointment, mostly due to having been burnt before – many times – by unannounced, unwarned maintenance  on the bridge – or motorist seppuku. And once there was amazed at how rapidly the clerical side of thing went. But the same old delays and interminable waits to get to the actual meat of the matter. 

I do so love managerial incompetence. It’s the rule, definitely NOT the exception. 

Anyway, survived the inspection with no additional dependencies so I motored a bit around Huntsville doing a bit of non-grocery provisioning before returning to Greater Metropolitan Arab. On a highway that was almost deserted once I got south of the Tennessee river.

But up this morning and off to the park for constitutional. Almost adequate, air temperature-wise. Maybe that is an indication of an adequate day to come?