Mental Gridlock – racing vocal cords

Well, maybe it is a good day? Reviewing my daily folder of tabs lead to some wonderful instances and coincidences:

“Sarah Palin Doesn’t Think Bill Nye Is A Real Scientist” [Link]


“Nasa shuts down climate change deniers on Facebook: Agency takes to Bill Nye’s page to respond to critics and false information” [Link]

I especially liked “Bill Nye is as much as scientist as I am, He’s a kids’ show actor; he’s not a scientist.” More evidence that the Divine Sarah (at least from the Repulsian delusional universe) is whacked and crackers.

It also seems that Mr. Nye is also a gentleman since I have seen no similar denigrating rhetoric from him.

I have to admit to not being a Bill Nye fan. I acknowledge he does good work however. And yes, I do prefer Arthur Jeffries. And George Toffel. Who, I like to think, would have had something suitably chemical and pithy to say about the bugged-out guvnuh of Alasker.

Next, we have:

FBI has yet to find actionable intel from breached San Bernardino iPhone, report says [Link]

which is one more indication of the technical competence vacuum of the Federal Bureau of Intimidation that changes not the standard deviation.

And lastly,

Human Diseases Spelled Doom For Neanderthals [Link]

which seems to indicate that it was the smooching during reproductive activity that did the Neandertals in rather than massacre or cannibalism.

Like I say. looks like it may be a good morning. If only all the politicians will run into the sea and drown themselves?