Evasion and Avoidance

One day. Back to gym. Sparse. Quite sparse. Sagging podcast episode. Second part of a CBC “Best of Ideas” on the unhealthyness and practices of the processed food environment. 

I have to admit to ambivalence. Dislike Fructose so I avoid it when possible. Nasty stuff. Makes too much fat. Damned by chemistry. But there are some things I do like. But I don;t worry much. I Am, after all, ORF, and besides, if I like something that is a sure indication that the manufacturer will change or discontinue its manufacture. So they are their own worse enemy for people who want consistency.

I had occasion this weekend to transport my mother to her church for a group meal. I dislike such transportations. When I arrived and got her and her pots inside the building I was regaled with little-old-lady questions that came down to “why don’t you attend church?” I dislike this not because of the answer but because of the displeasure it causes my mother who has long since abandoned any effort to comprehend her children.

My answer is simply that there is sufficient disinclination. More simply, there seems to be no positive benefit to attending church.

First of all, church is patently an EXTRO environment that has no real interest in welcoming or accepting INTROs. 

Second, it is not Christian. I have read the bible and several studies and observed the people who attend church. In effect, none practice Christianity. 

In fact, my observations indicate that those who do not attend church are closer to Christian tenets in their actions and behavior than are those who do.

So I am unable to see any merit in attending.

But I can’t tell little-old-ladies this. In fact, I haven’t found very many Christianists that I can. So I ignore or elide the question.