Say What

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

and I was provoked to consider/comment.

I admit it. I got “F” in coloring. I have problems with staying inside the lines. And I have problems with the crayons. There are only supposed to be seven: ROYGBIV. Not that I am sure I can tell the difference between Indigo and Violet unless they are labeled. White isn’t a color; it’s all seven colors. Black isn’t a color. Literally. It’s NO colors. And who made a rule that you have to stay in the lines. Which Act of the Council of Thieves is it in? And who said I had to use certain colors for certain things – like human skin or hair – or be sent to the child psychologist as a sociopath or soothing?

And I had problems in high schule. Science fair projects or other class projects. Had to pretty up poster board.  What deranged politician passed that bill?

I even tried doing painting on the computer once. 

I have no “color” sense. All my suits are gray or blue. Or were. Now I have one suit. It’s gray. And I don’t intend to be buried. Just burnt. So I only wear it to other people rituals. Last time was SCPdatter got married. Hedge Priest did the dirty. Good Girl. Puts Respect In the RIGHT places.

So why color now? Do I need the frustration?

Or is this one of those spend a lot of money and give what I buy to the Salvation Army store?

Most folks can’t read my hand writing. And not just because they;re young and acursive. (Nice, new word, isn’t it?)