Creation and Stupidity

Spring is here, at least today. Heavy downfall of dihydrogen oxide last evening, and evidently some vortices since my viewing of the electromagnetic audio-video receiver was disrupted with blathering weather beverage. (The animal’s blather, not the consumable. This sort of thing is quite indigestible.)

Anyway off to park for constitutional this morning. Quite dark. Quite wetted. At least a foot in parts of Shoal Creek and much water noise. I deviated and listened to a bit of a Linux Luddites podcast as diversion. Too much thinking already this week. And none of it very constructive. I sometimes chafe at other people’s projects that gather me in.

No wind so by the time I was halfway done I was a bit cooked. There was one bright spot however. And yes, today is punday but that is not intentional.

As I was departing I noted – barely – a couple walking along the verge. Why they couldn’t use the paths I do not know. That’s what freedom is about.

Anyway, I would not have seen them had not one been swinging a flashlamp and I saw its reflected beam. So I was quite satisfied I wasn’t going to have a collision.

But this did lead me to the reflection that most people call these devices flashlights – incorrectly. They are lamps. The generate photons. Light. The thing is not the light. 

And this led me to the old saws about creation. One schule in the Sowth is that we humans create nothing, only the deity can create. There is another schule – the rabid ones – who claim we create life and thereby it is sacrosanct. These are the people who want to return women to chattel slavery. And sadly, it is not legal to put them out of our mutual misery.

But if we can make flashlamps and the flashlamps can create light, which they do – its one of the oldest examples of a quantum process in the macro world, then the animal creation of life by reproductive activity isn’t. At best it is the creation of another sentience. Or intelligence. Although that second schule of thought isn’t interested in either of these. In fact, they probably consider their actuality sacrilegious and distracting from their idiocy. Which, I suppose, indicates that sometime those children aren’t really sentient nor intelligent.