National Pigsty

I have to wonder what the Donald intends as a punishment for women who abort? State enforced rape? Re-insemination?  Organ harvesting? Crucifixion? Sexual Slavery?

And relative to the state dermatologist. I reiterate: this romantic intersection is no d*** business of anyone but the guvnuh and his other. Yes, it should be investigated, but the investigators need to be watched to assure proper objectivity. And the watchers need to NOT be politicians nor religionists.

Clearly, this whole thing is being stampeeded purely for political reasons. In the last year or so, the guvnuh has departed from the Repulsian creed of “Reward the Rich, Punish the Poor” to actually trying to do some good for the part of the citizenry in need. This flies in the face of the greed of the majority of the state Council of Thieves and their greedy masters as well as the other sordid sociopathic criminals in other elected and appointed positions.

It can be said with almost absolute accuracy that, in Alibam, if a politician claims to be Christian, he/she is not only blatantly prevaricating but saying the opposite.

A military junta looks better every day.