Encryption Skylark

Well it appears the Yankee government’s Federal Bureau of Intimidation was pulled back their bloody nub. Two questions – mostly unanswerable – remain: will they learn from the experience; and is the alternate hack anything more than maskarovka?

As to the first, the probable (expected value but definitely NOT expected) answer is NO. Or, at least, very little. And the second isn’t worth much effort absent any data to indicate it isn’t. 

I had to listen to a instrumentality serf drone on this morning about the legal system could not exist with any “warrantless segment”. This begs the question of whether the legal system exists any more other than as a tool for oppression and enslavement? It has always had a component of this, after all the primary reason for its existence is control of the population outside the instrumentality. But lately, it seems that the supposed protections of the individual and citizen are only accorded to the false citizen that are organizations.

Which puts us in mind of the third law of thermodynamics: you can’t get out of the game. And in this case, the game is rigged by those who shouldn’t be able to.

So a warrantless segment? Definitely a good idea.