Alibam Pigstry 2

Ah!, the cries of righteous indignation. Might be impressive if they didn’t wring hollow in the bell of religious falsehood. Whatever happened to the command to not judge? Evidently a discarded aspect of contemporary christianism, at least among politicians in Alibam.

And some schmucklet in the Council of Thieves has drafted legislation to permit dismissal of political officeholders for offending the public sensibility. Can they apply it to the Donald?

And what is next? Making masturbation a felony? And how about gratuitous reproductive activity? Why don’t we just kill all the adolescents and not have to worry about it? 

Amazes me how things that are none of their business are treated as central to it. And no mention of doing what they are supposed to do, taking care of the citizens. What the guvnuh has done hurts none of them; what the Council of Thieves continues to do hurts all of them.

Who then is the one who should be shamed?