Alibam Pigstry

So  the Guvnuh is having/has had an affair? Romantic? Reproductive? So what? Aren’t they both adults? Is it possible for grown up people in Alibam to act like such?

And whose concern is this other than the participants? Certainly not some self-serving sacked incompetent who is clearly feather his own nest while slinging mud and worse.

If anyone has some shame to be assigned, it is surely he, wrapped in his self-righteous facade of political champion.

This, sadly, is how Alibam, especially its politics, is. The most vile form of Hobbesian conflict and competition. Even Darwin would retch.

I suppose now the Council of Thieves will make such a felony so they can send yet another former guvnuh to prison.

The only thing  of this whole matter attention worthy is that a woman saw something worthwhile in the Guvnuh. Maybe he does have some social merit after all.