Human Failure

Fifth Day. Too busy a week. Hammering. But I did get to walk in park again this morning. So some repair of the damage.

Noticed an article [Link] entitled “Can We Grasp Reality?” I suspected it would be about how reality is rather complicated and complex (emergent behaviors) and it is unclear how much further humans can go in understanding reality.

What it was actually about was our delusions and misreadings of our senses. And how those very senses are inadequate to the task.

It isn’t at all clear that a greater part of the problem is that we lie to ourselves. And have other negative behaviors such as not being able to learn new things or not be deluded by old things and thoughts. 

A substantial fraction of the population is uninterested in either thinking or paying attention to reality. They think what they are living is reality, which it is in a social sense but not in a sense of actuality.

Never mind destroying progress, can extinction be far away?