Matter Matters!

The foundation of civilization is trust. The currency of society is trust. If we cannot trust our fellow humans to behave then society becomes Hobbesian and collapses. If the organizations of civilization cannot be trusted than we collapse into individuals or, at best, hunter-gatherer bands.

The problem is usually the latter. Organizations have no morals, nor, usually, ethics. The larger the organization the less likely it is to have any driving force other than survival, quite ignoring that if trust in it is fully withdrawn it becomes vacuum.

This seems to be a lesson that humanity has largely forgotten, or, at least, squeezed out of its consciousness.

I got reminded of this in an article [Link] in the Register weekly eLetter this morning. It seems that Barnes and Noble is abandoning Great Britain and all the customers who bought Nook readers/slablets will be cheated of the eBooks they bought.

This is particularly appalling because Great Britain is the most likely place for B&N to stay afloat.

It’s also why I don’t buy any eProduct I can’t have possession of.

I expect that I will not be able to repair any actual device but then I don’t want to. I accept that it will fail and when it fails is at least partly stochastic. But I take this into account of how much I pay for it.

But software or an eBook? Sorry. If I can’t have a copy that I can store, no deal. If the government says I can’t have a legal copy then I wrestle with my morals to decide to either violate the law or I do without. Or in some rare instances, compromise my stance.

This doesn’t apply to services. They are inherently intangible. I don’t expect the phone company to give me a hostage. Bot for things, I either get a copy or I do without.

Yes, I store files in the cloud. But I also keep my own, local copies. On separate pieces of matter. In fact. the cloud copies are insurance for some catastrophic event that gets both the use and the stored item. And yes, I recognize that a catastrophe may be so widespread that the cloud vanishes. But it also likely vanishes me.

Only storing stuff in the cloud is like playing Russian Roulette with an automatic weapon.

And yes, I do have to trust banks and such like but it’s also a matter of trusting government and exercising my own vigilance.

That trust is sorely tried but I am a senior and can’t go live in the wilderness on my own. And I have to die anyway.

But trusting organizations like B&N to stay is delusion.