Fifth Day. And the air temperature was high enough – barely! – for a constitutional. But the wind was brisk and quite colding. So I was a bit out of while navigating the path.

FD SCP and I watched the news last evening on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver. Much blather about Donald the Frump and the Repulsian in-group. Of which, it seems, he is not a member. 

And the leadership (humor) of the party seems totally unaware that ever bit of criticism of the Frump just makes him stronger. So is there some sort of conspiracy here or are these fellows just plain stupid?

Reminds me of 1860 and the Democrud party. Massive Self-destruction. Split in three parts (Gaul?) Divided the electorate as well. Upstart Repulsians win big. Southron states secede. Righteous (?) warfare. Nasty killing wholesale. 

Do I need to say more?

Much as we may detest both political parties, we have some historical evidence that what little stability we have in this nation-state depends on a number of political parties other than one.

So if the Repulsians are going to self-destruct, can the process be steered to dispose of the other party as well?

Break Things Constructively.