Franchise and Collision

Third day. Air temperature almost at the phase change. Sparse at gym. No weight bounders and one one educationalist. Podcast passable, a discussion of the Third Crusade.

Yesterday was a medicalist day. Survived. And then off to polls to do my microscopic citizenish duty. 

Evidently campaigns of fear, loathing, hate, and negativity work, at least in Alibam. The senator from Tuscaloosa who has done nothing positive (by his own claim) overcame significant competition in his own party. Evidently the capitalist oligarchs find him a loyal servant. Perhaps we should start calling him Darth instead of Senator? He certainly does seem to epitomize the dark side: uncooperative and greedy. Unless the democratic contender can prevail – unlikely given the money the incumbent receives from disreputable sources – we are stuck with his brutish intransigence for another term. 

In other news, [Link] we are told of a (minor) collision between an autocar and a municipal bus out in the land of golden earthquakes. This one – not the first – is claimed to be noteworthy because the blame – a largely useless concept outside of social/legal context – is uncertain.

I find it noteworthy because it demonstrates my concerns over the transition, and thereby, the ultimate success to/of autocars. The cause of the crash is patently evident. The autocar followed the rules of driving and the municipal bus – driven by a human – broke the rules. So fender bender. 

In a sense this is fortunate because it indicates that even with the best of drivers – and bus drivers do tend to be VERY good- breaking the rules around strict rule followers like autocars will result in collisions and casualties. There is likely no mixed solution. We must either be all conventional human guided motorcars or all autocars.

The chaos has begun. Enjoy it.