Facere Impetum

Four Day. Dihydrogen oxide falleth and is foretold by the weather beavers to persist all day. This illness has got me a bit turned about – probably the medications – so I got the podcast azimuth off yesterday. So today was science podcast day.

The Guardian Science Podcast was all about the chronic pain and the evils of the Capitalist system. Seems Big Pharma doesn’t want to do pain med research because the meds often have nasty side  effects with a few, and they don;t want to play with old ones for which the patent has expired.

So suffer for the free market, folks.

On which path, I also heard a podcast about a strong correlation between football games and rape on college campuses. Seeems that the density of involuntary copulation is much higher on game days. Quite significant. 

This isn’t surprising. At least to anyone who was an undergraduate at a college with a football team. Irrationality is rampant and the thrill of competition, actual or spectator, is so strong in males that they do dastardly thing. Like rape.

Maybe curfews for women are in order? After all, that’s why colleges had all sorts of coed restrictions when I was an undergrad. And no one ever mentioned rape. Not that you would expect them to. Women didn’t report then. And the college administration would never admit to such. Adverse impact on cash flow.

And I rather doubt that coeds would accept much in the way of restrictions. So maybe, do away with campus social organizations?

This brings us to the question of whether fraternities have any positive value. Ain’t gonna touch  that one. Too much emotion in the discussion.