FBI Worms

Sixth day. Even higher air temperatures. But larger wind speeds. So the constitutional was actually a bit colding.

Some intelligence on the FBI-Apple grrr brr is emerging, [Link] courtesy of the British press. Why is this so often the instance, that anything decent out of journalists has to come from England? More evidence that Amerika is one with the Austria-Hungarian Empire?

For once I have to agree with Apple. Usually I find them greedy slave-makers but in this instance their refusal is in the greater interest. I suspect that’s only the facade on why they are doing this but they’re getting enough grief from the Yankee Givernment’s Secret Police/Gestapo without me adding to their besetment.

Will they cave? Probably. After all, this is the home of the two-party dictatorship. That will demonstrate, once more, that democracy is dead and we may as well all move to some lesser decomposed country.

Not that we don’t deserve this. After all, we quit thinking about government years ago, back when we let the parties take power and turn us all into serfs.