Motor Democracy

Just had a medicalist appointment compromised. Had to motor from Greater Metropolitan Arab to Guntersville. Got halfway there and encountered a rather nasty motorcar wrecking. Traffic blocked in all four lanes.

Tried to reverse a bit and go through Union Grove. Same. So I rescheduled and retraced my steps to return to Castellum SCP.

In process I observed the reactions of the motorists. Some were rubberneckers. Others were gotta-be-there-or-be-dead. Occurred that traffic – the collection and movement of cars is a democracy. One has to have certrain qualifications to be a citizen – motorcar, license, …. – but the whims of who gets to go where they want and not is rather democratic; dependent on all the other drivers and their motorcars.

In that some context, some are quite happy to be good citizens, and some chafe under the lack of preference and try to bully their way through. 

Rescheduled for next week.