Not Children’s Toys

Two day. Rain seems passed, at least for this morning. Gym denser than yesterday, which is anomalous. Weather overload?

Today was science podcast day and it was a bit strange. The Guardian Science podcast was an interview with some failed physicist turned magician who had written a popularization about biology. Passing strange. 

Also listened to several bits about the gravitational wave detection. Happy to hear that the “discovery” nonsense was a stupidity of some publicist at LIGO. (Why isn’t it LIGWO?) No mention of Weber. Probably a boon?

Anyway, I heard the audio version of the detected gravitational waves. Immediately taken back to Forbidden Planet. Sound was very electronic music. This will probably spawn all sorts of conspiracy theories, especially since the cost of LIGO is being talked about.

Much grr brrr on the monitor about the fight over supreme court justice nomination. Have we descended to the level of depravity where the politicians actually believe they are more important than the nation? Apparently. 

Almost makes me yearn for a military coup.