BBQ Babble

The Soviet Union was a dictatorship of one party; the United States appears to be a dictatorship of two parties.

Seems all of the politicians, the Repulsians at least, want to throw away the Constitution. 

All of the Repulsians, or at least the vocal ones, want to defer appointment of a Justice until after next year’s inauguration.

What is it with Repulsians that they want to stop the government every chance they get. Have they completely lost sight of what government is supposed to do?

Or are they displaying just how irrelevant the Congress has become?

They also seem to be a bit whacked temporally. What happens if the electorate selects the Democrud candidate? Then they have thrown away any influence and bargaining space they would have in the appointment. As is, POTUS will have to negotiate and compromise. The new POTUS won’t. Unless the Democruds get control of the Senate. And the Repulsians get POTUS.

Stalemate again.

This strategy seems to be predicated on control of Congress and the Presidential Mansion. Care to do a probability calculation?

I thought not.

Reality is seldom altruistic.