Four Day. End of gym week. Air temperature higher today. Population back up. Sunshine Patriots. Podcast was an episode of the “Ubuntu Podcast” from England. Diverting. But I do miss the Wing Commander. His absence makes this podcast a dim shadow of its former self.

I heard an engaging idea yesterday. It was advanced that the two politicians doing the best in the frantic sort are not-politicians. One is a businessmen – maybe – and tyrant sociopath, and the other, while a member of the senate, is the last American progressive. A remnant of the greatness that was the Bull Moose Party.

This seems to jibe with the overall disaffection with politicians who have permitted their membership in party to transcend their obligations to the citizenry. Which certainly is the situation. Else why would all the politicians up for re-election be waging hate and fear campaigns? The Alibam delegation seems to be doing this universally, quite oblivious to its lack of substance and pure negativity. Do we really want to re-elect people who can only brag about what they have not done?

I wonder just how long until the military steps in and the firing parties begin?

Still under the weather, which probably accounts for much of my outlook, despite the moderation – promised for a day at least – of the weather.