Midweek Maundering

Three Day. Bitter. The weather beavers blew it bigly. They foretold 19 degF and the actual was 17. And that was the Yankee government’s National Weather Service. The local beavers were even more inaccurate.

Got out anyway. Went to gym. VERY sparse. No weight bounders and only one educationalist. Rest were ORFs. Guess we all think freezing to death a good way. Podcast was an history episode about the will of Henry Tudor 8. DIsgusting tyranny and opression. 

The good news, such as it was, was that the former FLOTUS was rounded whacked in New Hampshire. Expected but the actuality is gratifying. Egomaniacs need to be put away.

Uncertainly, the Comb-Over also did well. Amazing how the Repulsians refuse to see him as their salvation. 

I suspect today will be bunker and ache day. Ear unhappy, even under ear covers. 

Best I could come up with thinking today is:

Surrender to Organization is Abrogation of Intelligence.

Civilization and Society make us less than human. Dullards. Clods. Pond Scum.