Winter Wonderings 2

Two Day. The colding has arrived. More slowly than the weather beavers foretold but heavily enough. Not good to increasing morale. Still I made it to gym and did my bit. 

Had a bit of opportunity to cogitate. The podcasts were passable but not good. D+ sort of thing. Probably my outlook. Anyway:

  • Shannon Entropy is a deconstructive formalism. Fundamentally, it takes information – the intermediary stage between knowledge and data – and computes on the data. The information – and any knowledge it may come from or engender – is only conditional, not constitutive. Bankruptcy!
  • Watched a video about the former FLOTUS declining to pose with a pink dino toy. Struck me as illustrative of the depths of her egomania, won;t allow a single photograph to show her NOT the center of attention. 
  • Watch another video of a press interview of the losing totem’s hurler – Amerikan Soccer Championship – where he simply said the other totem did better and left. Now being pilloried. Indicative of the depravity of contemporary journalism or contemporary society? Only worthwhileness I have seen in connection with this pornographic extravaganza. 

Counting down nine days to see specialist about ailment.